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Do the trip protection plans cover Medical expenses due to COVID-19?

Sickness Medical Coverage - The plan will also pay you to be medically treated on your trip if you become infected with COVID-19 and need treatment after your travel has started.
  • The Safe Travels Journey plan includes up to $150,000 in SECONDARY emergency medical coverage.
  • The Safe Travels Voyager plan includes up to $250,000 in PRIMARY emergency medical coverage.
*Coronavirus/COVID-19 will be treated the same as any other sickness for any sickness related losses while you are insured.

*The terms primary and secondary generally relate to coverage for travel medical claims and baggage & personal effects claims.
  • If your travel insurance plan is secondary coverage, when you submit a claim for travel medical expenses, you would first make a claim on your primary health insurance coverage and then settle the balance of the claim with your travel insurance carrier and claims examiner. If your travel insurance plan is primary coverage, you can work directly with your travel insurance carrier and claims examiner for the entirety of your claim.
  • If you’re submitting a claim for coverage for baggage & personal effects, you’ll initially work with the airline and then file a claim for the balance with your travel insurance carrier and claims examiner. 

To get a quote and to learn more about the Safe Travels Journey and Safe Travels Voyager travel insurance policies, please visit - or through your travel planner's unique wanderwell link - and find the trip protection quotes.