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Why should I buy travel insurance?

One thing that's certain is the unpredictability of travel for you or even a non-traveling family member. From sickness to hurricane evacuations, or injury while traveling, our travel insurance protects you - and your trip investment - even before you leave.
The travel retailer/planner who is organizing your experience may require you to purchase and maintain a qualified travel insurance policy for the duration of your trip.
Americans are beginning to travel abroad again for leisure, business, study abroad and missionary work. Given recent epidemics, natural disasters, and security threats in countries all around the globe - coupled with common medical issues - travelers have plenty of reasons to make sure their health and safety are fully insured prior to trip departure. 

To get a quote and to learn more about the Safe Travels Journey and Safe Travels Voyager travel insurance policies, please visit - or through your travel planner's unique wanderwell link - and find the trip protection quotes.