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The travel supplier has canceled my trip. Can I get a refund of the insurance policy premium?

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Policy Cancellations & Premium Refunds

You may be able receive a refund of the insurance premium ONLY if your travel suppliers (travel planner, airlines, cruise lines) cancel the trip and provides a FULL refund of trip costs. You will need to send an email to us at, stating that you have received a full refund and would like to cancel your travel insurance policy and receive a refund of the premium paid. 
  • Include the names of all insured travelers on the same policy
  • Include the unique Certificate #
  • Please provide a copy of the refund letter(s) from ALL of your travel supplier(s) stating that the travel supplier canceled the trip and documentation showing that the refund was received.
  • In your refund request, you must state that you are not filing any claims against the policy.
Once verified by the underwriter, the policy would be voided, and a credit issued to the card used to make the purchase. Please note: a premium credit cannot be issued to a different card, and refund checks are not written. If you cancel your trip voluntarily, regardless of the reason, there is no refund of the insurance premium.

Trip Postponements & Policy Migrations

If you or your travel supplier postpones your trip, you may transfer your insurance coverage to a different trip or to reflect the new travel dates as long as those dates are no more than 18 months from the original travel dates. The new trip does not have to be to the same destination.

To move the coverage, please send an email to, stating that your trip has been rescheduled by your travel supplier, and you would like for your insurance policy to reflect the new travel dates and cost. Provide the following:
  • Order/Certificate Number or Policy Number
  • Names of All Insured Travelers on the original policy
  • Insurance Purchase Date
  • Original Trip Dates (departure from home and return to home)
  • Dates to move the coverage to (departure from home and return to home)
  • Current Destination
  • New Destination (if applicable)
  • New Total Trip Cost per person

To get a quote and to learn more about the Safe Travels Journey and Safe Travels Voyager travel insurance policies, please visit - or through your travel planner's unique wanderwell link - and find the trip protection quotes.